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About Us

We strive to increase diversity in study abroad and international affairs by alleviating inequitable barriers for underrepresented college students to travel abroad for the first time and pursue global careers.

Our scholars pursue meaningful study abroad trips to countries in Latin America, Africa, South Asia, and Eastern Europe. First Trip scholars become global citizens who add exceptional value to their learning environments and professional organizations!

Our Impact

Since our inception, First Trip Inc. has provided numerous study abroad scholarships and passport vouchers to deserving students throughout the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area and beyond. Additionally our scholars benefit from global career mapping services and mentoring programs.

By making study abroad and international programs more accessible to underrepresented students, we aim to inspire life-long global citizenship and the pursuit of global careers. Thereby, ensuring that future generations of U.S. global professionals mirror the nation’s diverse populace and intellectual perspectives. 

Student Demographics

Award Recipients

HBCUs and other MSIs!
First-Generation College Students!
Students attending community colleges!
Students traveling abroad for the first time!
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*Data updated at the end of each calendar year

Scholars Map

Hover below to see where First Trip scholars have traveled! (Updated bi-weekly)

Our Goal


By making international travel and programs more inclusive and accessible, we aim to inspire life-long global citizenship and the pursuit of international careers. Thereby, ensuring that future generations of U.S. global professionals mirror the nation’s diverse populace and intellectual perspectives.

Who We Are


We are a dedicated team of global scholars and higher education professionals who understand the value an international experience brings to the lives of college students. Our team members are passionate advocates of equal opportunity, international travel, world citizenship, and cultural exchange.

What We Do


First Trip promotes global citizenship by conducting globalized programs, and awarding study abroad scholarships to students at accredited colleges and universities throughout the United States. Scholarship awards are available for students traveling abroad for the first time to eligible destinations.

Passport Workshop


First Trip’s interactive passport workshops are designed by our team of international scholars to benefit organizations seeking to educate youth, parents, and college students about the benefits of owning a U.S. passport, the application process, and global citizenship.

Global Career Mapping


This program is ideal for global-minded students in the earlier stages of their academic careers. The pathways for landing a career in international affairs typically require a host of prerequisite college courses and professional development activity. In the GCM program, we explain the fundamentals!

First Trip Scholarship


We believe conventional scholarship requirements such as age, grade point average, and essays reduce diversity in study abroad by severely limiting the number of students who qualify for funding. Qualifications for First Trip scholarships awards are minimal.


Student Testimonials

“I never knew how privileged I am as an American citizen. I can travel thousands of miles away from home and hear my mother tongue being spoken in a non-English speaking country! I wonder how difficult traveling would be if I only spoke an indigenous language.” 

Michaela Bramwell

First Trip Scholar, China 

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