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Global Career Mapping

The goal of the Global Career Mapping (GCM) program is to provide students with the fundamentals necessary to pursue a career in international affairs.

Changing the Paradigm

Many college students have global interests. Those fortunate to attend renowned private schools of international education in major metropolitan cities, especially Washington D.C., have greater access to international programs (including internships) than those who do not. In fact, the majority of our nation’s top foreign policy experts and global professionals have earned degrees from such schools. Consequently, this has contributed to the widely-recognized “diversity crisis” in international affairs as U.S.-born minority students are largely underrepresented at these private schools.


We understand the current paradigm places countless bright and deserving students of color at considerable disadvantage. First Trip partners with a variety of colleges and universities to identify exceptional students with global interests to participate in the GCM program. Students attending our partner schools must be nominated by a faculty member to participate. Read on to learn more about our approach!

An Exploratory Approach to International Careers


Exceptional students with global interests and a desire to participate in the GCM program are nominated by faculty members at our partner institutions. Successful nominees participate in First Trip’s interactive workshops designed by our team of scholars to assist students in developing their knowledge of international affairs and multicultural competence. Additionally, significant time is dedicated to exploring the career goals for each student. 


Finally, participants are matched with DC-based mentors with substantial professional experience within a functional area of international affairs (based on student’s interest): Research, Education, Economics, Development, Foreign Policy, Diplomacy, Law, and Security. Mentors commit to one full year of meaningful engagement with their students, and provide guidance on effective networking within the field. The GCM program provides participants with the fundamentals necessary for building a successful roadmap to a dynamic international career! Previous mentors have also provided guidance on resume building, internships applications, and interview prep!

Student Testimonial!

"My mentor helped me to emphasize my international experience on my resume, and to create a professional LinkedIn profile... I never knew how valuable of a tool the platform was for networking. I've already connected with most of my previous supervisors and even some of my professors!" 

    Kathy Grimes, GCM program 22'


Interested in nominating a dynamic student for this program? Contact us below!

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