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UN releases 2021-2022 Human Development Report

The United Nations released its latest Human Development Report (2021-2022) to the world on September 8, 2022. Contained within the report is the Human Development Index (HDI) which measures the countries of the world based on key dimensions of human development such as standard of living, life expectancy, education and health, and economic stability. Countries are then assigned a ranking of Very High, High, Medium, and Low based upon a combination of these factors.

Countries recently designated as eligible destinations

  • Barbados

  • Bulgaria

  • Seychelles

  • Tuvalu

Countries recently removed as eligible destinations

  • Chile

  • Panama

  • Serbia

First Trip utilizes the HDI as its guide for assigning destination eligibility for its travel scholarships. As the HDI is updated annually, only countries whose human development have been ranked as High, Medium, or Low on the latest HDI are considered to be eligible destinations. With each new report, countries may be added to, or removed from First Trip’s scholarship award eligibility list as part of its effort to promote nontraditional travel.


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