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Our scholars share their experiences

“I never knew how privileged I am as an American citizen. I can travel thousands of miles away from home and hear my mother tongue being spoken in a non-English speaking country! I wonder how difficult traveling would be if I only spoke an indigenous language.”

-Michaela Bramwell, First Trip Scholar ‘19

Micaela Bramwell and Daysha Thomas traveled abroad supported by First Trip scholarships in 2019. Micaela traveled to China and Daysha spent her first trip in Brazil. After returning home, both students have newfound views on multiculturalism and global citizenship! Neither student had previously owned a passport or traveled outside the United States. Last year, both students were featured in our first promotional video.

First Trip promotes global citizenship by conducting passport workshops and awarding study abroad scholarships to college students­­ — especially community college students and lower-income applicants. We believe every student should have an opportunity to travel abroad regardless of age, composition abilities, GPA, or ability to pay.


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